Shoefie are for shoes lovers who are passionate about their shoes and who would love to share it with the world, expressing their Shoefie love! 

Sounds easy enough right? But just like the regular selfie, it takes you a number of pictures before you get the perfect, Instagram or Facebook worthy one. Its the bread and butter of a fashion girls social media page. After all, in the age of social media, does it even matter that you bought a killer pair of shoes if nobody sees it on the grid?

Shoefie online store aims to reward loyal Shoefie shoppers when they make a purchase of our incredible shoes. All you have to do is, make a purchase, post, tag us and share your beautiful shoes by taking a shoefie. It’s that simple. Rewards are based on the most amount of likes you receive.

This is all tongue and cheek, of course but its worth noting that taking a perfectly-crafted snap of your shoes isn’t always the simplest task in the world!

The most important item is your actual shoe-a good one, the right light and you’re done. Trust in the quote, Shoes speak louder than words!

Shoefie stocks only the best locally manufactured footwear where superior quality and affordability is priority to our customers. Our products are sourced locally and are 100% proudly South African.

Be bold, be proud and show your Shoefie love to the world and get rewarded for doing so!